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Wanda O Rly

Photo Freya Visuals


Let's do something vivid!

When I perform, I come alive. It is one of the rare occasions when I’m allowed to be as intensive as I am deep down. My performances come in many different types, but the common factor to all them is my vivid presence.

Standup shows

As a stand-up comedian I drag the weight of the human experience with me to the stage. Work-life, relationships, sexuality society with its norms; the more honest I am, the more ridiculous it gets.

Photo Marianne Hautsalo
Photo Maija Kinos


My teasing art is a direct experience that evokes strong emotions with a sensual, daring and immediate approach. My acts can be described as neo-burlesque inspired by pop-culture, fetish imagery and my own life.


I love to pose and I’m happy to cater either theatrical expressions or genuine presence. The connection between the model and the photographer is always unique and requires determination and sensitivity from them both. I’m fascinated by this interactional challenge and it makes modelling for photos exciting and educational every time.

Photo Ilkka Haurinen


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”Wanda provided us with a truly unique drag show at our Christmas party, which even drew the media. We were treated to thigh-high boots’ worth of seductive burlesque, intelligently roasting stand-up comedy, an understanding of diversity, and of course, the engineer jokes we wished for. Laughter is like oil. It reduces friction in interpersonal interactions. It increases empathy and unites across cultural boundaries. Wanda clearly knows this and uses her talents admirably to address important themes.”

- Christina Forsgård,
Founder, Netprofile


”Wanda was one of the performers in our very first Sinister Night metal burlesque event and she really seduced us! Her performance was intensive and she has a charisma that carries all the way to the back row. Wanda is easy to work with; as a person she's warm, and on stage she's guaranteed to be hot.”

- Rosa & Taru,
Sinister Events

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Photo Marianne Hautsalo

”I feel good in my own body and I’m not afraid to let it show. My physique allows me to bend into a variety of stances exceeded only by my mental repertoire. Softly pushing my limits is my expertise, so I’m interested in all kinds of challenges.”

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