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Wanda O Rly

Photo Katariina Salmi


Brand Collaboration

I engage in commercial collaborations and goodwill partnerships with various organizations. As an independent content producer and entertainment artist, I have a strong brand that leans on my own values and thoughts, emphasizing science and education, as well as environmental sustainability and human rights.

I represent my partners genuinely as myself. Through my work, I aim to increase visibility for all societal actors, from businesses to universities, that are pursuing a change in a socially and ecologically sustainable direction.

Do you want to change the world with me? Contact me and let us discuss!

Photo: Marianne Hautsalo, edit: Niko Korhonen

Enabling the New

I operate at the intersection of entertainment, the business world, and the scientific community. Thus, I am able to bridge the gap between different actors and enable entirely new value chains.

Photo Anna Ruotanen

Forms of Partnership

  • Projects and initiatives
  • Sponsored videos
  • Sponsored social media images, giveaways, discount codes, etc.
  • Product placement and demonstration
  • Storytelling
  • Something else? Feel free to suggest!

Want to partner up? Let’s do something great together!

Clients and partners