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Wanda O Rly

Photo Jani Kiviranta

Event hosting

A touch of sparkle and openness to every event!

To me hosting events is much more than just talking and informing people. It is my responsibility to weave complete experiences for the audience. This involves both background worlkand planning with event organizers and performers as well as being present with my entire self and tuning myself for the audience. Only then can I elevate the occasion in a way that hones its spirit.


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”Wanda's hosting style is energetic and warmly meets the audience. She seamlessly weaves the different parts of the program into her presentation and makes the event her own in an excellent manner.”

- Anne Ryynänen, BusinessOulu, on the game industry event XMAS Oulu 2023


”Wanda served as the host for the annual National Tourism Education Network Days in 2023. The theme of the network days was diversity management, and Wanda, through her own actions, added knowledge and understanding about diversity. In her role as host, she actively followed the program of the days, grasped perspectives that emerged in the speeches, and asked speakers relevant questions. She ensured that the event's central theme was maintained, coherently and professionally drawing together the different segments of the program. In her role, she contributed to the event's open atmosphere, mood, and sense of community. Event customer feedback highlighted an excellent, clear, and perfectly fitting host for the event.”

– Petra Blinnikka ja Riitta Koivisto, Jamk University of Applied Sciences


”Expa online meetups hosted by Wanda sustained the entire Finnish game industry's culture of monthly meetings throughout the pandemic when we, IGDA Jyväskylä, were the only active IGDA hub to produce them. Since then, the development has been on the rise, and today Wanda is known as the face of all our events. She has a phenomenal and unique ability to engage in natural and interesting conversations with expert guests on any topic.”

On Wanda’s work as the hostess of Expa’s events
- Tuomas Roininen, Vice Chairman, Expa Game Business Cooperative


”When we took up the organisation of Vaasa Games Days last year, it was the first time since the pandemic. We were running on a skeleton staff, and had bitten off more than we could chew. Then, Wanda stepped in and saved the event(s) – more crept in there. Her professionalism and competence as an MC and full event host saved our events. When you call for Wanda you get more than just a talking head, you get an actuator.”

On Wanda’s work as the hostess of Vaasa Game Days
- Rebekah Rousi, Associate Professor (tenure track)
University of Vaasa, School of Marketing and Communication, Communication Studies


”Wanda served as our event's magnificent and charismatic host as well as a quick-witted presenter. She is undoubtedly our top choice for future events!””

Nina Loimusalo-Lipiäinen, R&D Expert, Jamk University of Applied Sciences
Musa+ Tempoa kannattavuuteen -project

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